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Innovation is our business...


We innovate and we are glad to help you innovate whether you wish to produce goods with advanced properties,

automate your factory floor, implement unconventional processes, or conduct break-through experiments.


As you will read in the "solutions" section, our activities are mainly  focused in applied innovation.

In other words, we implement or help  implement innovations regarding the production of tangible goods, bringing profits to our customers.


It is worth noting that in our days, the time gap between fundamental research and real-world applications seems to be getting slimmer.

At first sight, this is a paradox, since fundamental research is destined  to study more difficult notions with each progress made.

However, scientific research during the last decades has been driven towards  market needs, in an effort to assure funding through promoting industrial competitiveness.

This orientation, combined with information technology's outstanding progress and benefits, and the examples of exotic theories that became common practice (e.g. lasers playing CDs and cutting metals), forged a "culture of innovation".

Hence, university students are eager to create a "spin-off" in order to exploit their findings in areas ranging from quantum mechanics (e.g. in quantum computers, or quantum telecommunications) to neurobiology (e.g. in producing fragrances with memorable characteristics).

Consequently, innovation relies more and more on synergies and cooperation.

Stakam shares this culture and participates in this innovation-centric society.


In the immediate future, the open-data initiatives are forecasted to act as major research accelerators.

Yet, knowledge dissemination still has to be governed by prudency. Since time-to-market diminishes, one's effort may become another's product, while the inventor still celebrates the achievement.

In stakam, customers' industrial secrets, methods, know-how and intellectual property rights in general, are heavily guarded.

We understand that even the slightest detail disclosure may affect the economic viability of a project, or a paper's element of originality.

Thus we treat all cases and all discussions as strictly confidential, without exceptions.

We do not publish or circulate any customer's - or potential customer's - photos, plans, samples, work, information whether a business deal is  made, or not.


Of course, we are willing to sign non-disclosure agreements upon request.