Industrial Machines


One of stakam's main functions is to offer machines for industrial use.

Usually, these machines operate without, or with limited personnel and they are tailored for specific products or specific customer needs.

They may be autonomous, work in tandem with other machines, or belong to a production line.

Static or mobile, small or large, simple or complex, they integrate electronics, mechanics, pneumatics, hydraulics, computer control, graphical user interfaces and robust  construction.


Their common characteristics are:

  • "human safety first" operation principle,
  • ease of use,
  • fault tolerance,
  • long life.

Machines are meant to function according to customers' requirements.

Thus, at stakam we painstakingly make sure that we deliver what the customer needs, beginning from the specifications phase, to test runs, up to full-scale operation.


Most of all, stakam supports customers' activities and is eager to assist if e.g. a plant's capacity must be increased, or new products get added to the portfolio.


It is our job to study and offer new solutions !



Automation saves labor, time, energy, materials and standardises  results, offering improved accuracy and quality.


Aiming mainly to  cost reduction and capacity increase, automation has so successfully  spread around the world that:

a) changed the shape of things (machines, factories, cars, planes,  cities, infrastructures) in one way or another,

b) evolves through the progress of applied research in almost every field,

c) sets the standards for efficiency and effectiveness in almost every area of human economic activity (excluding some arts and crafts that rely on craftsmanship).


Automation has managed to reduce the dependency on random factors, while interlinking processes, machines, plants and industries.


Besides factory-wide, "traditional" automation activities, stakam offers massive product customization.

This special flavor of organization, processes and machines addresses the need to manufacture extensively diversified goods without setting up specialized production lines, or varying the adjustments between batches.


To alleviate the burden of high initial investment costs, stakam specializes in boot-strapping automation implementations.



  • capital expenditure may be spread along extended periods,
  • risks can be minimized,
  • production capacity can be escalated to match demand,
  • factories can be tuned to changing product specifications,
  • production lines can expand and contact according to marketing.



Robots have entered factories for good. For instance, their role in automobile assembly lines is very well advertised.


Task-specific robots can be used in the production of numerous goods. 

Human-robot cooperation attracts much attention due to the  significant productivity improvement potential.


One of the main issues  of course, concerns the safety of human personnel.

Stakam systems are well mannered ! 

They behave smoothly and orderly, in carefully defined, obviously rational, apparent and anticipated ways.

Self-monitoring and environment sensing assure that each job is carried out as planned, stepping through a series of safe states. 

Unforeseeable events initiate halting sequences before risk escalation.



Mechatronics combine mechanics and electronics with an expanding  variety of technical areas and engineering fields

(such as systems engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, telecommunications engineering, control engineering, computer  engineering, ...).


At stakam we deal with mechatronic applications that our customers will use for:

  • manufacturing industrial goods,
  • manufacturing consumer products,
  • health-monitoring of various assets and structures with environment-adapting functionality
  • conducting scientific experiments.

Prototypes and one-off projects do not deter us.


We have grown accustomed to them !


Plus: we appreciate challenges.



Machines changed the world.

Electronics changed the machines.

Computer controlled systems and software changed the electronics.

In a few years, it may be difficult to find a man-made item without an amount of embedded intelligence.

Stakam offers intelligent machines and self-monitored systems, which are safe to use and user-friendly at the same time.


Except embedded software, stakam supplies dedicated problem-solving programs to address specific industry needs, and appealing applications to simplify repetitive tasks regarding computations or designs.

Product Development

(with a focus on tangible goods)


This is the era of products.

New materials, new means, new uses, new shapes, new textures, ...

From design to realization, a large number of decisions has to be  made for every aspect and detail of a product.

And all have their impact on cost.


We can help you:

  •   refine your ideas
  •   decide what to design
  •   choose how to manufacture it
  •   plan the establishments
  •   pick the equipment
  •   manufacture specialized equipment
  •   implement the methods
  •   train the personnel
  •   measure,
  •   analyze,
  •   improve